We’d like to provide you with detailed information about our portfolio of services, offer you a brief insight into our different areas of activity and give you access to various information and forms.

We can be contacted at any time by tenants at the properties we manage, we are always mindful of the requirements of the rental property owners we look after, and we view ourselves as a partner of the property owners’ associations that have chosen us as their residential property managers.

About us

Our company currently manages around 6,000 units, whereby this number has been achieved exclusively through the recommendations of satisfied customers. These recommendations in turn are likely due to the fact that we offer a comprehensive package for property management.

Our property management staff, our sales department and our property service team are on the ball and highly skilled when it comes to combining cost-effectiveness with high-quality work. They are successful in this regard because despite working in different divisions, they are able to cooperate closely and coordinate their activities. This helps us – and you – avoid complications in many areas, and this in turn saves everyone time and money.

Obligation and initiative

The range of services provided by our divisions of course covers everything you might expect from a traditional building management system, an effective sales department and a dedicated property service team. Fulfilling the associated obligations is pure hard work.

The icing on the cake, however, is the freedom we have to take the initiative once we have fulfilled our obligations– and we dedicate ourselves to this with zest. We firmly believe that merely managing a property is tantamount to standing still. Nowadays in particular, such standstills need to be avoided at all costs. Indeed, if one falls behind, it may be impossible to catch up later.

The fact that our three areas of activity – management, sales and property services – represent the most important pillars of the property industry means that valuable synergies can be generated in our work, as we have a greater local presence, are more approachable and have a wider variety of contacts. This creates freedom to optimise management costs, to come up with exceptional solutions and to offer more dedicated support – for you!