Managing Rental Property

Of course our range of services covers the full range of classical tasks related to building management – and as businesspeople who have over 20 years of practical experience on the Berlin housing market we undertake these tasks with the necessary meticulousness.

However, on this page we would like to discuss the services – the areas of our work – that go beyond those usually provided by a building management company.

Over the years the demands of tenants have risen. The willingness of tenants to fulfil their own responsibilities has decreased at the same rate. So now – as never before – constructive cooperation is essential. It is similar when it comes to communication with service providers or utility companies. Apparently fixed guidelines and price rules reduce the freedom to act and make things inflexible.

We value direct contact, presence, flexibility and the willingness to take unusual routes. And we are successful.


It is frequently the case that agents are used for this service. In our opinion renting vacant flats is clearly the responsibility of the property manager.

For us, representing and implementing your interests – long and short term – has the highest priority. Simply renting a vacant flat as quickly as possible may be in the agent’s interests but not automatically yours. So we handle finding appropriate tenants.

Over the last years this service has become one of our passions that is not only one of the more obvious of our range of services for our customers but is also offered to external customers as a sub-service. You can read in detail about these services on our Sales page.

Cost Analysis

The utility costs of a property are apparently fixed and are passed on to tenants. It is possible to avoid in- creasing utility bills even when energy prices are constantly increasing.

The regular analysis and optimisation of utility bills and the property’s rental income are of course part of what we offer.

Is that not specific enough for you?

Well, for repair work we are happy to stay faithful to our repair companies but are not afraid of comparing their prices regularly with their competitors and if in doubt switching service providers – this keeps the quality of the work done high and the prices low.

And if one of our managers orders heating oil then it is a bit like a bazaar – rather unconventional but with a satisfactory result. Our framework agreements with service and utility companies help us to save costs in other areas too.

It is the way of the world: simply changing your manager to us usually saves you money.

Collecting Rent

Arrears are not rare any more even in more expensive areas. We know a great deal about collecting and enforcing rent in the courts but we also know that personal presence often achieves the objective quicker.

We speak openly to tenants about their failings. This is how we keep arrears as low as possible and avoid unnecessary legal and court costs.


It is essential to know a property very well in order to manage and develop it competently. For example, we check the repair work undertaken by a company to repair a lift personally and see this as a welcome opportunity to not only check that the work was done properly but also to contact dissatisfied tenants or to check the quality of the cleaning firms we use.

It is important to us that all the work is completed without problems. Our presence on-site is your presence on-site. This creates transparency and trust – on all sides.