It goes without saying that it is also possible to only appoint us for a range of sub-services. On the following pages you will get an overview of which services we are able to offer you and how we approach particular issues.

It is important to state that we not only act under the “Schön & Sever” flag. We are of course happy to provide all of the services listed in your own name and using your own logo.

“Avoid vacancies” is our motto. Vacant properties cost money and we want to keep this as low as possible. That is why this sub-service is particularly important for us. And we are good at what we do! So good that we also offer this service to third parties.

Please refer to the Sales page to read about what is important when renting your property and why we believe that the first tenant may not be the right tenant for you.

Give us the shoebox containing all your documents and we will turn it into utility bills. But that is not all. You don’t need a college certificate in property management to understand our bills. The tenants can follow and understand them too.

Did you know that you have to give the utility bills to the tenant personally and have to document this in a signed document? Complicated, isn’t it? But this is the only way to legally enforce your claim against the tenant. So this service is included when we provide utility bills for you.

If you wish we can analyse your utility bills, show you how to make savings and present you with comparative figures.

And by the way: our name need not appear in any of the essential steps. We are happy to discretely provide the billing documents in your own name.

At first glance a precarious subject. Jurisprudence sets a narrow path that you have to tread carefully in order to implement rental increases. But apart from deadlines and formulae: Do you know what rent you can charge for a flat that has become available after 26 years? How has the area developed? What are the normal comparative rents in the area? What advantages does your property have? Which level is the absolute minimum to be paid?

Since we are active in the rental market every day we know the answers to all these questions. We know what your rental property is worth. It is important to us that you know that you have every right to modify the rent to what is normal in your area. But you can happily leave it to us to implement this right in a persuasive and legally secure manner.

The first step is to check whether there is potential for increasing your rent. If this is the case we enable you to depict your right so that it can not be opposed in the courts and also com- municate it to your tenants. If course in the last step we are also happy to be the contact for your tenants so we can answer their questions. We are also happy to provide support when increasing the rent due to modernization measures or increased utility (advance payments for bills). We have experience in social homes and price-limited homes, and are able to justify all rent increases by recalculating the profitability.

You are dedicated to meeting your tenants’ needs, are often on-site and prefer to select new tenants yourself. But maybe bookkeeping is something you simply can’t stand. That is fine – as a matter of fact we love book- keeping.

With the aid of professional building management software we usually post your bills on the same day but are also able to do so on a monthly basis after providing statements. So we can pass on your monthly, quarterly and annual bills to your tax advisor.

If necessary we can handle your VAT returns.

We free you up to concentrate on what you really enjoy.

Unfortunately, it’s just the way it is: Sooner or later, construction measures are due in every property. And then you often have to deal with the iceberg phenomenon: On the outside, the measure presents itself quite clearly, while the true scope of steps to be taken remains below the surface. We keep an eye on everything and know what to look out for:

We prepare modernization notices, conclude agreements with tenants and bring the specifications of the owner, the needs of the tenants and regulations to a “common denominator” with the trade companies to be commissioned.
After planning, the contracts are awarded. During the course of the project, we monitor the execution of the construction work, check the invoices, constantly review and revise the schedule and coordinate the deadlines. Our intensive and binding support of tenants during the construction period has ensured in the past that rent reductions have hardly ever been claimed.

After completion of the work and acceptance of the construction work, we prepare documentation and monitor the elimination of acceptance defects.
Are you planning to renovate your property and would like to learn more about our services in this area? Arrange a non-binding consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

What a wide subject! We could go on forever but let’s be brief: lighting, traffic management, snow and ice service, meter reading, maintenance, rental and transfer documents… it all has to be monitored, documented, planned and completed. So to be brief this sub-service covers on-site support for your property.

In detail this could mean checking faults that have been notified, estimating the cost of repairs, instructing companies to undertake the repairs and ensuring they are done properly.

We also produce home rental and transfer documents that hold up in court, take on property repair planning and tour the property annually.

We store the results of our plans and visits in documents and analyse these with you.