Our Team

The Schön & Sever property management company was established in October 1993 by its two partners, Andreas Schön and Aydin Sever.

In recent years, the firm has expanded to include further areas of activity. The team at Schön & Sever Vertriebs GmbH is responsible for traditional sales activities such as property rentals and sales, while the team at Schön & Sever Objektservice GmbH manages all caretaking activities.

The expansions have always been driven by the goal of ensuring customer satisfaction, since it is only through expansion that the quality of the work carried out by these important divisions can be guaranteed.

The entire Schön & Sever team comprises around 70 people from various backgrounds. These staff members have undergone different types of training and are responsible for different areas of activity. We see ourselves as a team working hand in hand – above and beyond our respective areas of responsibility. It is therefore perfectly normal for us to always look at the bigger picture, which is precisely what makes us so strong.

Andreas Schön and Aydin Sever



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Working at Schön & Sever

The Schön & Sever team has grown steadily over the past 30 years and is a colourful mix. Some colleagues have been with us for almost 20 years, many for a good 10 years and we are constantly adding young colleagues who bring a breath of fresh air – especially our trainees.

We really appreciate this breath of fresh air, because working with our trainees also means that internal processes are constantly scrutinised and checked for suitability. This keeps us young and flexible – combined with years of experience and reliable consistency, this is exactly the mix you need to be successful in the housing industry.

The colourful mix and the breath of fresh air are what make us special. Not just in terms of years of service. We also value diversity in all other areas of our co-operation and our work.

Join us in thinking outside the box! We look forward to receiving your application.