To start with: we are not a broker in classical terms but rather building managers that see your property as a long-term economic proposition. For us, in everything we do sustainability is important to us. What does this mean for you?

When renting your property we find the best tenants and not the first ones to pitch up.

When selling your property we achieve the highest possible price that the market can pay and do everything possible to ensure the deal is closed quickly and without problems.

When buying a property we offer support and accompany you in finding the property that best matches you and your needs.

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When renting out your property once again the sustainability of your actions is important for us because finding a tenant is not hard … but finding a GOOD tenant certainly is.

From the very start: WE know what your property is worth! By intensively observing the market we are able to determine the highest possible price it will bear for your property.

The next step is to realise this price: we produce rental documents and exposes, launch marketing measures and present your property in the most important online and print media.

We will also advertise locally using “to rent” boards or advertising plans – if possible and desired. We view the property with potential tenants flexibly seven days a week. We request and collect the necessary application documents. Finally we check the credit record of potential tenants and prepare all the documents including the rental contract – in agreement with building management.

During the rental activities our team of managers and sales staff meet once a week to revise the strategies, adverts and advertising measures, check application documents or find common solutions to problems.

Everything we do is in close consultation with yourself. If you wish we can provide ongoing support after the property has been rented.

You are very welcome to view our exposes on our Vacancies page.


When you decide to sell a property one question is always ahead of the rest: How quickly can I achieve the most profit? You are welcome to consider this question intensively and exclusively … in the meantime we will undertake the necessary steps:

We value your property in the market, obtain the necessary documentation, check any outstanding repairs, potential for construction and existing contracts with tenants so that we can recommend the actions to optimise the final value, and then of course if you wish we can implement these steps.

For marketing we produce a detailed sales brochure, offer your property to our list of potential buyers, implement marketing measures and present your property in the most important online and print media, even beyond the local area. We will also advertise locally using “to rent” boards, gallows or advertising plans – if possible and desired. We view your property with potential buyers flexibly seven days a week; if they are interested we check their credit, help the buyer to obtain the necessary finance and in agreement with you do everything that is necess- ary until the purchase contract is signed.

Everything we do is in close consultation with you. Even after the sale is complete it goes without saying that we are happy to provide advice and support to you and the buyer.


Congratulations on the decision to buy a property in Berlin. In no other European capital is it more fun to buy property at the moment … nor are there such benefits anywhere else.

But on the way to the property that is right for you and your needs, a few steps are necessary that require knowledge of the market, a cool head and negotiation skills so that the dream of a property does not become a nightmare.

We assess the various vacancies, give you recommendations with the neces- sary statements on the ability to rent the property, any repairs that are necessary and about improving the value.

We coordinate viewing appoint- ments, undertake price negotiations and accompany you when signing the purchase contract. It goes without saying that you can also contact us after the contract has been signed because our responsibility does not end when the sale is complete. On request we are also happy to manage your property.

In all of our advice when buying a property you benefit from more than 20 years of experience on the Berlin housing market and the fact that we are property managers. We show properties from economic aspects but do not ignore the management issues. This is the clear difference between us and classic agents. Would you like us to explain the difference in detail?

Contact us and arrange an appointment – we will be delighted to hear from you!