Commonhold Ownership

We are happy to reliably undertake the general tasks of managing owner-occupied properties – from punctual approval to quick implementation of decisions. In order to manage an owner-occupied building in our best interests it is however essential that we know it and its peculiarities very well. This is not achieved by the standard services offered by classical building management.

Tis page show what is important when it comes to managing your residential property and why we believe that there is much more to managing it than meets the eye. You can get more detailed information on the areas our work covers on our Sub-services page.

Cost Analysis

In our Rental Property Management >Cost Analysis page you can read about how we take rather unconventional routes to keep utility bills – the so-called “second rent” – as low as possible.

The words “construction and renovation measures” bring sweat to the brow of most owners. We show you how to save money and help you to set the right priorities. How does it work?

We provide comprehensive information, obtain quotations in advance and show how the construction work will progress. In this we not only focus on our commercial expertise. Our cooperation over many years with construction engineers with various specialities enables us to obtain an initial assessment free of charge. If necessary we recommend technical construction support.

On the bottom line, we want everything we do to be clear to all of the owners. That is why our utility bills are very clear even to those who have no experience in managing property. The resulting transparency of our work is important to ensure cooperation with all those involved: Decisions and resolutions that are otherwise difficult to make can be implemented quicker and in a more targeted manner.


“Contact” is our favourite word. Only by maintaining contact with you are we able to achieve the goals we set ourselves.

How do we make this contact? By being present. By being available to you at any time – not only from our desks.

We believe that we have to visit the building at least 2 times a year to “stay on the ball”. In addition, we implement a second owner’s meeting each year.

Last but not least, it is part of how we do business for us to view the management advisory board as a partner with whom we work closely whereby the level of cooperation is set by the management advisory board.


Let’s not beat around the bush: owner-occupied properties are not always the picture of harmony. The concerns of self-users and capital investors are of course different – but they can be brought together.

We are able to bring the different interests of various owners together to find a common solution. For this close contact with all those involved is essential.